During this time of year we always think of what we are thankful for. Here at the 4-H Center we are thankful for many things.

We are thankful for:

  • The dedicated staff who work so hard to make the 4-H Center what it is
  • The kitchen workers who cook such wonderful food for us
  • The many, many people who have donated to help us improve the 4-H Center
  • Cabins and bunkhouses filled with campers
  • Summer Staff who make camp memorable every year
  • The schools who come to participate in the Natural Resource Education program
  • The groups who use the 4-H Center for their programs
  • The people who volunteer countless hours at the 4-H Center

People make the 4-H Center what it is. We are thankful 4-H is such a big part of the lives of the people in the surrounding communities. Without these hard-working, dedicated people, the 4-H Center could not survive. So, this Thanksgiving we are thankful for whomever you are that is reading this blog.


~Kelsey Brown

~Program Assistant



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