The Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center is happy to introduce the new Natural Resource Educational Coordinator, Levi Callahan!11110984_604029848414_18420969611311561_n

Levi comes to us fresh off his 5th year as a Summer Staff member. He is originally from Griffin, Georgia, and more recently Chesterfield, Virginia. He graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Natural Resource Conservation with a focus in Conservation and Recreation Management. Levi has been busy since his first day of work in August. He first set his sights on reorganizing and sprucing up the Nature Room. Some displays were rearranged, a new “bone yard” display was created, the Forest Products display is hanging in the Dining Hall, and some new animals have been added to the Nature Room. After getting the Nature Room to his liking he has worked diligently on getting school groups booked and volunteers for each day. So far 34 program days have been booked for this semester, and 2 of the groups coming are overnight groups. By hiring Levi, the 4-H Center has added a knowledgable and valuable person to the family. He had never been to 4-H Camp until his first year on Summer Staff in 2012 and now he is a full-time employee. Working for 4-H isn’t for everybody, but sometimes a person gets hooked on 4-H and never wants to leave. The 4-H Center is proud to have Levi as a part of the family.

~Kelsey Brown

~Program Assistant




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