Preston Randolph Willson has worked at the Holiday Lake 4-H Educational Center for 21 years. His official job title is President  & CEO, with an Emphasis on Development. Preston is originally from Amelia County, Virginia. He will be married for 55 years in December.  I recently took a few minutes of Preston’s time to ask him a few get-to-know-you questions.

His favorite food is chicken, but if he could choose one other food to eat for the rest of his life it would be eggs. He does not believe in Bigfoot and he prefers pie over cake. I asked him if there was a movie made about his life who would play the lead role, and he said Gregory Peck. I agreed. His favorite animal at the zoo is the eagle, and he doesn’t collect anything. He owns 7 pairs of shoes, but he can’t whistle. I also asked Preston if he met the Queen of England if he thought they’d get along and he said, “sure.” I also asked him if he was an international spy, and of course, he said no, but then I asked him if he’d actually tell me if he really was an international spy and he said no. So we will never really know if he is an international spy. When Preston was a kid he wanted to be a singer. He still sings at church, but I couldn’t get him to sing for me. He is related to 2 famous people. One of his famous relatives was the Director of Music at Duke Chapel, and the other was an actor by the name of Joseph Cotton. I looked up Joseph Cotton online and he was in the movie Citizen Kane. Preston doesn’t have any weird talents, but he does have a double-jointed thumb. He also has a nickname, Pete, but very few people use it.

Preston Willson, once a man of mystery has fewer mysteries to him now.

Preston working on the Pods in March 2012



Kelsey Brown

~Freak Show

~~Program Assistant



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