We’ve made it through 1 week of Family Camp and 2 weeks of Junior Camp. The new summer staff got their first experience with a week of Junior Camp, and the returning summer staff stepped into the routine like they never left.

Every Monday morning the summer staff meet in the Dining Hall for breakfast to talk about the week to come. They talk about things that happened the weeks before and things that are going to happen the coming week. After they finish breakfast they make sure camp is ready for the kids. Of course, the house keeper has made camp beautiful already, but the summer staff go around making sure they amphitheater is set up for the opening assembly, the Spirit Stick and paint bag are ready to go, the pavilion is set up for health checks, and a multitude of other things. After the camp readiness time, the waiting period starts, the waiting period for the luggage bus. The all important luggage bus is pretty much the beginning of camp. When it arrives it means that the campers are usually not far behind. The summer staff start unloading the luggage. They unload it in traffic circle because it is a very visible and central location for the kids to find their luggage when they arrive. After the luggage is unloaded the summer staff wait for the buses loaded full of eager campers to arrive.

The first person to see the bus gets on the radio and tells everyone else they campers are here! When the buses get to the traffic circle, the campers exit and are directed to the amphitheater. They patiently, yeah right, wait for instructions about what to do. When everyone has made their way to the amphitheater and all the luggage has been unloaded there is an announcement. “If you here me clap twice!” *CLAP CLAP* Everyone responds accordingly and gets quiet. The summer staff or the Extension Agent sends groups of campers to the traffic circle to get their luggage, put it on the porch of their lodging, and return to the amphitheater.

Once all luggage has been claimed, all campers have returned, and everyone has been seated the opening assembly can begin! The summer staff are all waiting in the prop room to introduce themselves. The music starts and one by one they step out, say their name and class; applause, applause! The campers are so excited to meet the new summer staff and see their favorite returning summer staff. The applause dies down and summer staff go over the rules. Once the rules are done they go over a few more things with the campers while the teen leaders have a meeting with the Program Director and Staff Coordinator. After everything is said and done it is time to line up for lunch. They separate into their groups and head over to the Dining Hall.

That is Monday morning.

Flick & Ratchet 2016

~Freak Show

~~Program Assistant



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