From the outside the summer staff appear to lead a pretty laid back and glamorous life at camp. Behind the scenes is where the real work happens! Every week of camp at Holiday Lake 4-H Center is just a little different, the summer staff adapt to themes, programs, and schedules .  A typical day on summer staff looks like this:

  • Wake up, get dressed, pack everything you need for the morning. Summer staff love their backpacks!
  • Camper wake up and flags
  • Breakfast and staff meeting
  • Grounds Clean Up/Class Prep
  • Morning Assembly – Songs announcements, get campers pumped for the day!
  • Classes- usually 4
  • Lunch Line Up
  • Quick Lunch Meeting
  • Lunch –Staff typically sit with the campers, getting to know more about them.
  • Recreation –Lifeguard, hike, play (half of the staff are on a break)
  • Store (half of the staff are on a break)
  • Breaks = shower time, nap time, relaxing, etc.
  • Dinner Line Up
  • Evening Programs Staff Meeting
  • Dinner – Staff typically sit with the campers, getting to know more about them.
  • Flags – Evening Programs Prep
  • Evening Programs
  • Send Campers to bed
  • Evening program clean up, staff debrief, pool maintenance, competition for showers…or not we can shower on Friday. (we swam today right?…just kidding)
  • Bed at who knows what time! Sometimes it takes some time to decompress from the day and turn off the go-go-go brain.
  • Wake up and repeat!

There is a lot going on a camp at any given moment.  So we use a duty roster to keep everyone on the same page.  A sample duty roster looks like this:

The duty roster is slightly changed every week and every year, to make it more efficient for all the staff. The duty roster helps us stay organized and on top of the day to day tasks and all that needs to be done around camp.

The summer staff work hard and play hard. They don’t do it for the money or the free food and t-shirts, they do it for the campers. And though there are some tough moments, they are well rewarded with the smiles, high-fives, and hugs from campers.

Heather Benninghove ~Salmon
Program Director


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