20151014_110054.jpgAs Program Director I don’t get to play with the kids as much as I did while I was on summer staff. Every once in a while I am given the opportunity to teach one of our Natural Resource Education Classes. Wildlife Ecology is one of the favorites, chosen often, by school groups.  We like to use hands on activities, so they learn while they play, most often having so much fun they don’t realize they are learning. Camouflage, is one of these activities.  The best way I know how to describe the activity is, it’s like a Predator/Prey version of Hide and Go Seek. Where there is an Eagle, in its nest, searching for prey. The “prey” are hiding in a wooded area, trying to blend in. Without leaving the “nest”, the eagle, will call out any “prey” they see. The kids, no matter what the age, will play this all day if you let them.

The kids really get into this activity! The amount of dirt on their knees when they are finished is a true test of the level of fun had. These kids played hard and learned hard!

Heather Benninghove ~Salmon
Program Director


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