Ms. Alstat enjoys being the agent for Greene County because she gets to try a lot of new things.  She has been an agent for 14 years. She was the only one who applied for the job and they liked her  enough to hire her. She said its not easy being an agent because there is lots of paperwork and she works extra long hours, but on a scale of 1-10  she thinks being an agent is a 10! We think Ms. Alstat is a 10! Fluvanna Her favorite part of camp is campfire. Ms. Alstat never came to camp as a camper, but her daughter did. Interview by: Greene County campers

Ms. Mayo enjoys being the agent for Fluvanna County. She got the job when Adult Leader, John Thompson, transferred to a new job. She has been and agent for 8 years. Her favorite thing at camp is campfire. She came as a camper with Albemarle County. She loves to read, but couldn’t decide on a favorite book. Her favorite superhero is her mom! We think Ms. Mayo is an awesome Extension Agent. Interview by: Fluvanna County campers

During 1st block we interviewed Meghan Tanner, on of our Adult Leaders hear at camp. She said she loves being an Adult Leader. She didn’t come to camp as a camper like we did. Meghan said that her main duty at camp is to do whatever Ms. Mayo and Ms. Alstat want her to do. She has been and Adult Leader for 4 years. Meghan loves anything Arts and Crafts. Finally, her favorite superhero is Ironman!

Interview by: Multimedia class

Happy Birthday Salmon!

That’s what’s happening around camp today.


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