• During 1st period we went out to the Gau-Gau pit to talk with a CIT. We talked to Addison Shifflett and he said 4-5 people get hit in the face during class. Ouch! He also said he gets a lot of sand in his shoes when he plays. Addison thinks gau-gau is a really fun sport to play and if you play you have a 50% chance of getting “Gau-Gau Knuckles”.

Interview by: Kaylie Florence, Tye Skipper, Chloe Lockerby, Liberty Anderson, and Joseph Anderson

  • The food at camp is awesome and we wanted to talk to who makes it. We caught up with Christine, the Food Service Manager, to ask her about the camp food. She has been working in food service for over 30 years. She says it takes 2.5 hours to make one meal for the enitre camp. Christine says “a touch of love” makes the camp food taste so good. Her favorite thing to cook is chili.

Interview by: Megan Wills, Gensis Ray, Abby Overton, Jasmine McDaniel, and  Khania Brassfield

  • Finally, we made our way to the Archery Range. Lane Bossieux told us all about Archery class. He said to stay safe you have to listen to Flick at all times. His favorite thing about Archery is shooting and he has been taking this class for 3 years. We asked if anyone hit a bullseye, but he wasn’t sure if anyone had done it. Another camper said the class had hit 4 or 5 bullseyes.

Interview by: Ricky Hall, Anthony Caruso, Alanna Newcomb, Alyssa Marcellie, and Alexis Wills

That’s what’s happening around camp today.


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