Fluvanna & Greene 4-H Multimedia Newsletter                                 June 9, 2015

Today in 1st period Multimedia class, we took some time to interview some people around camp.

The first person we interviewed was Wobble. He thinks everbody at camp is awesome and he loves all the kids that come every week. We found out he got this job because of an old staff member named Cheddar who helped him get the job. Wobble told us he got his nickname because he helped write the “Wobble” song. Finally, if he could work any job at camp it would be the job he has now.

Interview by: Khania Brassfield, Liberty Anderson, Jasmine McDaniel, Kaylie Florence, and Abby Overton

Our next interview comes from Sydney Devory. This is Sydney’s first year at camp. She plays lots of sports. We asked what her favrite sport was, but she couldn’t pick just one. Her top three sports are Soccer, Softball, and Basketball. Her favorite things to do at camp are volleyball and gau-gau, and her favorite color is blue.

Interview by: Alyssa Marcelli, Allana Newcomb, Joseph Anderson, Megan Wills, and Chloe Lockerby

For our last interview we talked to one of the asesome teens. Haley is the teen for the Leathercraft class. She has been coming to camp for 7 years and is excited about this week. Her favorite staff member is Kickstand because he is very energetic and campfire is her favorite activity at camp.

Interview by: Richard Hall. Anthony Caruso, Tye Skipper, Genesis Ray, and Alexis Wills

That’s what’s happening around camp today.


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